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Health Link Launched!

Health Links Liisa L

Local healthcare leaders gathered together on October 5, 2016 to launch the Greater Sudbury Health Link. The City of Lakes Family Health Team is a partner of the Health Link. Dr. Liisa Levasseur represents the City of Lakes FHT in her role as a family physician. She addressed the audience at the launch.

The Health Link seeks to improve the well-being of Sudbury residents who require a complex range of health and social services. This often includes individuals who are challenged by multiple chronic conditions, mental illness, addictions, developmental disability and poor access to the social determinants of health, (e.g. income, housing, social supports). With a focus on improved coordination of care, the Greater Sudbury Health Link brings individuals together with their full team of health and community service providers. They work together to identify each individual’s unique care goals and make plans to achieve them. Members of care teams may include primary care providers, specialists, allied health professionals, community health and social service providers and other informal caregivers.

Each care team member contributes to an individual’s Coordinated Care Plan which will include: the individual’s care goals; care team members; health history and medications; daily routines, and how they manage everyday tasks; and a plan outlining who will assist with each part of their plan. Every individual in the GSHL has a dedicated Lead Care Coordinator. Changes to an individual’s care plan are communicated to all team members, ensuring that everyone has consistent, up-to-date information and is working towards common goals. Coordinated Care Plans will mean that all providers will have access to the most current information about an individual’s health, treatments, care team members and goals. Working together, individuals and care teams can explore creative and collaborative options for achieving care goals. With improved coordination, communication and access to support, it is hoped that individuals with complex health and social needs will have improved outcomes and require fewer health interventions. This may include reduced primary care visits, ED visits and hospitalizations, duplicated lab work, tests and assessments, etc.

For more information about the Greater Sudbury Health Link contact:
Stephanie Lefebvre, Manager, Service Collaboration
Canadian Mental Health Association-Sudbury/Manitoulin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
705-675-7252, ext. 211

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